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Nepal 2015 Earthquakes

Today we are promoting a fundraising campaign to help those in need after the 24th of April earthquake. This campaign has been launched by one of our ambassadors, Rick Chong, who is doing everything in his power to help our people over there. CASD-Nepal has been working in remote areas as well as in Kathmandu Valley, to help people in need, after the earthquake.

So far, CASD-Nepal has distributed 167 sacks of rice (each sack contains 30 kg) with the funds raised by our team. That represents two villages, that have been able to sleep in shelters, eat and drink clear water thanks to your help.  Rick Chong is coming to Nepal to help coordinate the team and make the most of the money you have generously given us, just like three other friends from America and Louise Baer, from France.  Nepalo CASD-Nepal would like to thank all the people that have already donated money, and everyone who helped in any other way. In order to keep on helping the remote areas, we still need more ressources. As you all know, even the smallest amounts will make a difference, so we thank all of you for sending any kind of donations. Follow our blog here : Blog Nepal Earthquake 2015

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