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School items fundraiser success!

On Thursday 26th of May, friends of CASD from France, Marylène and Dominique, organised another successful fundraising dinner to support the Nepali schools. They invited their friends, a group of French teachers, at their house near Lille, North of France. This time, everyone brought brand new school items (exercise books, pens, colored pencils). Next month, Marylène and Dominique are planning a visit to Nepal and they will give these school supplies as well as some beautiful Nepali picture books to the Nepali schools. It is also their first visit to Nepal and they are very excited!

It was a lovely afternoon where they talked about Nepal, education, libraries and the power to make a difference.

Thank you, dear friends, for your support for Nepal! Stay tuned for more stories from Marylène and Dominique when they report in again from Nepal.