Water Projects


Malta is a small rural village located 3.5 hours jeep ride from Kathmandu. During the 2015 Nepal earthquakes the water pipeline that brings water to the village was damaged and has not been repaired. On top of this the pipeline only supplies a limitted section of the village and some homes and buildings, such as the local school, did not have a clean running water supply prior to the earthquakes.

Currently women lift thirty liters of water on their hips or on their heads, back and forth almost ten times a day and the younger children, up to twenty liters. During the dry season, from November to June, there is no possible way to irrigate the fields, so the water that the villagers carry is used for cooking, cleaning, drinking and for the cattle only.

CASD is currently planning to build a new pipeline from where it is broken to distribute to different locations and ensure all local residents have running water supplied to their homes. Additionally the new pipeline will provide the school with clean running water to ensure the hygiene and health of the local children.

CASD-Nepal believes that for the project to be a success, the community has to get involve and participate in it’s realization. That is why they choose to help by digging and implementing the pipes themselves, with the help of our engineers and local workers. This team effort will forge forever lasting bonds of friendship and trust.

CASD-Nepal commits through out its actions to make it possible for the community, with the precious help of our donors and the participation of the villagers, to install a running water system. For this project to become reality, we need to raise $7.189,25. This amount will be fully raised by our generous donors. Which means that every dollar you donate is a step closer to helping our villagers and it entirely goes to our project.

To achieve this running water project, our engineers calculated that 5500 meters of pipes, sand, cement, etc. has to be built, costing $7.189,25, which means that :

  • 5$ equals 4 meters of laying pipes
  • 10$ equals 8 meters of laying pipes
  • 20$ equals 16 meters of laying pipes
  • 50$ equals 40 meters of laying pipes
  • 100$ equals 80 meters of laying pipes

CASD-Nepal can only continue manifest into reality, these life-changing projects with your help. Find out more about how to help us here.

Project Status:

In Progress