Women Empowerment and New Mothers Project


After initial distribution of emergency food aid and tarps, CASD identified the dire need of a vulnerable group: new mothers and their newborn babies. Through this independent initiative CASD created and distributed care packages directly to 160 rural women that included nutrition supplements, clean clothes and blankets for newborn babies, soap, shampoo, baby oil, first aid kits and other essential but forgotten goods. The women in need were identified by an extensive pre-existing network of rural women fostered by CASD-Nepal and their partner organizations.

Another vital and long-term service provided to rural Nepali women is access to finance and entrepreneurship. This program teaches women how to manage money, connects them with banks and larger networks, and helps them become self-sufficient. It is estimated that as little as $1,120 per year of earnings can transform and empower these women. This change is possible by providing opportunities as small as accessing markets to sell her crafts or vegetables, or maybe the loan to purchase and care for a buffalo. When women become financial supporters of their family it often has the side effect of reducing domestic violence and abuse as she is perceived as being an important asset to the family and the community.

Project Status:




Lalitpur District