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Meet Yosl

Meet Yosl. Melbourne resident and student at University High School. Earlier this year Yosl felt a calling to do something significant to contribute to his global family on the other side of the world. Yosl fundraised and exceeded his target with the help of family and friends. Thank you Yosl for showing such incredible initiative and compassion for your fellow man. It would be my honour and privilege to guide and mentor you personally through your next evolution as a social development worker. It is a tough and windy road, but I have a feeling you are going to do just fine.

Words from Yosl:

Hi, my name is Yosl and throughout 2017 I made an effort to raise funds for CASD. I undertook this task because it was frustrating knowing the inequity of wealth throughout the world and that there are many people who do not have convenient access to something as vital as fresh drinking water. I collected money to donate by spreading the word to family and friends about the projects that CASD plan to implement. By doing this, many felt the desire to help fund CASD’s vision, which is to support community projects throughout Nepal such as building water pipelines, assisting in local education programs and aiming to empower Nepalese women. Having contributed financially this year, I intend to continue supporting this endeavour through more fundraising efforts over the coming year and to visit Nepal towards the end of 2018 to help complete projects that have been initiated by the CASD team.