Water Projects


Doban school is quite difficult to access and is isolated (meaning it doesn’t really belong to a village). It is located near Ghusel, a village in the mountains 2 hours away from Kathmandu. From Ghusel, you either walk for 2 hours to reach this school (and cross a river twice – first on a monkey bridge and then by foot on a path made of big rocks) or go by motorbike.

Context: Doban school has 3 teachers including the principal named Kanchana. There are 35 students coming from clusters of houses around and up to 1 hour walk away. There are 2 classrooms and there is no water.

The toilet situation: At the moment, there are 3 toilets. A man regularly fills up a big black drum with water outside the toilets. Kids need to use a bucket and dip it in the drum, pull it out and bring it to the toilet to flush. Without even mentioning the health issues, the ‘no washing hands’ and the smell, it is also impossible for half of the students to reach out for the drum or to have enough strength to pull the bucket out of the drum once it is filled with water!

How we plan to help: we had a meeting at the school with the principal, the teachers, and other men from the houses around or fathers of the children at the school. Prakash, our CASD-Nepal captain led a very successful meeting where we listened to these people’s concerns, issues and wishes. Prakash then started drawing a map showing the school, the river and the houses around. He drafted a system of water tanks and pipelines reaching the school. We made a decision to bring water to the school as a priority. (Later on, as a second step, we can bring water to the houses around – but that will be part of another project)

What now? Prakash is now going to talk to engineers to finalise costs and the project will be able to start. Prakash reckons it is a small project (in terms of superficy) so things should happen quite quickly  We are going to combine our fundraising efforts with Vicki from our CASD New Zealand team to have sufficient funds.

Stay tuned for the next steps of this new project!!

Be sure that your donations, big or small, are making a HUGE difference to the life of these kids. We would like to thank you.

Project Status:

In Progress